Minister Xu Xueyuan invited to video conference with US Asia Institute


On May 28, Minister Xu Xueyuan held a video conference with US Asia Institute.

Mr. Glenn Lau-Kee, Chairman of US Asia Institute Council of Trustees, Mrs. Mary Sue Bissell, President of US Asia Institute, and other US Asia Institute trustees attended the meeting. The two sides discussed positively about how to take effective measures to promote China-US exchanges and dialogue and enhance mutual trust given the new situation of China US relations, especially given the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Xu stressed that China and the United States are major countries with important international influence. The two countries should have a strong sense of responsibility for mankind, history and the two peoples, and take a positive view of and earnestly deal with the bilateral relations. History has repeatedly proved that China and the United States stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation. Mutual trust is the foundation of international relations, and stronger mutual understanding is the premise of mutual trust. Some US politicians lack basic understanding or have deep misunderstanding about China, Chinese culture and the Chinese people. The US side urgently needs to increase its understanding of China's past, present and future.

Participants from the US side believe that although the US-China relationship is facing a difficult situation, it is very important. Both sides should strengthen communication, enhance understanding and rebuild mutual trust. US Asia Institute hopes to explore new ideas and approaches to make positive efforts toward this end.

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