History and Friendship in Black & White
--A special gift from an American friend



On February 19th, Minister and DCM Wu Xi received on behalf of the Embassy a delightful and special gift from Mr. Richard Garrison, a retired Foreign Service officer from the U.S. Department of State.

It is a set of black and white photos taken in China during the 1930's. Mr. Garrison said that he sent these photos on behalf of his mother, who used to be a teacher in an one-classroom school in a small town in Nebraska, and used these photos to tell her students about China. She expressed her wish that the photos should be given back to Chinese people some day, hence, Mr. Garrison felt it means a lot that he finally fulfilled her mother's wish. He sincerely hopes that the peoples of China and the U.S. will always hold curiosity and sincerity towards each other, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

Minister and DCM Wu Xi expressed appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Garrison on behalf of the Embassy. "The Embassy really cherishes this precious gift and will share it with more people in both China and the U.S.", she said. She also noted that the Chinese people and the American people have always had friendly exchanges. These photos witnessed such friendly exchanges and understanding between the two peoples, even at a time with limited communication technologies back in those days. Today, with the help of modern technology, exchanges between the two countries are more extensive and in-depth than ever. The friendship has and will be greatly strengthened.

The old photos show scenery, landscape, historical landmarks as well as life of ordinary people in China. They were produced and published by Keystone View Company.





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