Minister XU Xueyuan Attends the 23rd Annual Meeting of CBA


On June 9th, 2018, the Minister of the Chinese Embassy, Ms. XU Xueyuan attended the opening ceremony of the 23rd Annual Conference of the Chinese Biopharmacuetical Association (CBA) held at Gaithersburg, MD.

In her remarks, Minister Xu stressed that the China-U.S. relationship is among the most important ones across the world today. Facts have proven that cooperation between China and the U.S. benefits both, and confrontation hurts both. The Chinese government are always prepared to work with the U.S. and push forward the relationship in a healthy and steady way on the basis of non-confrontation, mutual benefits, and mutual respects.

At present, China is in the steady course toward an overall well-off society. With the full implementation of people-centered concept and adherence to the key ideas of innovative, harmonious, environmental-friendly, open and inclusive development, China is now steadily progressing, only to meet with Chinese people's longing for better lives. In pursuing happiness for our people, the Chinese government pays great attention to the lives and well-being of the Chinese people.

As one of our priorities in international cooperation, the biomedical industry is in a rapid and ascending development in China. China has the second largest market for medical and health care. China is also rich of pathological samples as well as well-trained biopharmaceutical researchers and medical practitioners which serve as the talent pool. We are always prepared to share the advantages with the U.S. and other countries by pragmatic cooperations, whether in basic research, clinical research or commercial production.

On the other hand, China will definitely take more and more actions to significantly raise the cost of IP violation and give full play to the role of legal deterrence, which will surely protect the legitimate rights of foreign enterprises when they are conducting business in China. China welcomes U.S. companies and research institutes as many as possible, especially in the field of bio-medicine. They will surely get better access to the Chinese market, meet more patient needs and benefit from lower costs and abundant local resources in China, which will help them lead a win-win business and benefit both Chinese and American people.


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