Ambassador Cui Tiankai Visits U.S. State of Arizona

From April 11 to 14 , Ambassador Cui Tiankai and his wife Madam Ni Peijun were invited to pay a visit to the State of Arizona. During the visit, Ambassador Cui met with Governor Doug Ducey, Mayor of City of Phoenix Creg Stanton, local business communities and attended a conversation on China-US relations at the dinner jointly held by McCain Institute, O'Connor Institute and Phoenix Committee of Foreign Relations. Ambassador Cui also visited Arizona State University and hold a meeting with President Michael Crow and called on the local overseas Chinese and Chinese students in Arizona. Deputy Consul-general Wang Lei of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles accompanied Ambassador Cui and Madam Ni during the visit.


Governor Ducey warmly welcomed Ambassador Cui to visit Arizona and said that Arizona always actively involved in promoting and developing the positive relationship with China and did benefit a lot from the fruitful outcomes -- the economic and trade cooperation developed rapidly, the communication of both sides on education, technology and culture has been fully accelerated, more and more Chinese students choose Arizona to further their study. Arizona will increase investments in scientific and technological innovation, to create an attractive and better business environment for the upcoming Chinese entrepreneurs. Governor Ducey also expressed his hope that both sides could enhance the cooperation on the field of education, tourism and the utilization of water resources. Meanwhile, Mayor Stanton spoke highly of what China has achieved with its rapid development and the fruitful results of China-US cooperation on climate change alike fields, emphasized that while attaching great importance on cooperation and exchanges with China, City of Phoenix will continue to be committed to promote scientific and technological innovation and export-oriented economy, as well as to being willing to play the leading role on boosting the local relations between both countries.


Ambassador Cui said that the recent attendance of President Xi Jinping of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC and his meeting with President Obama had further consolidated and enhanced China-US relations. As a result of active sub-national exchanges and cooperation which is one of key elements of China-US relations, State of Arizona and City of Phoenix have enjoyed a rapid development and great potential on cooperative relations with China. Therefore, at the timing of "China-U.S. Tourism Year", both sides should fully take respective advantages to explore to establish new mechanisms and platforms in order to deepen pragmatic and cooperative relations on all areas of trade, education, science and technology, tourism, urban construction, low-carbon environment. The Chinese Embassy to the United States along with the Chinese Consulates General in Los Angeles are always ready to provide any necessary assistance to State of Arizona and City of Phoenix to carry out the cooperation with China.


Ambassador Cui attended the welcome dinner jointly held by McCain Institute, O'Connor Institute and Phoenix Committee of Foreign Relations. During the event, Ambassador Cui had an in-depth conversation of China-U.S. Relations with participants. He held a comprehensive introduction on China's political and economic situations, foreign policies and development of China-U.S. Relations, stressing that China is devoted to comprehensively deepening the reform, adhering to the road of peaceful development, maintaining the stable economic development. China is ready to work with the United States to actively work out a new model of major-country relations.


Ambassador Cui attended the welcome lunch hosted by Arizona business community and exchanged views with representatives of local entrepreneurs on China-US economic and trade cooperation and the economic development of China.


During his visit to Arizona State University (ASU), Ambassador Cui received a briefing from faculties and had a in-depth discussion with President Michael Crow on bilateral cooperation in education. Ambassador Cui expressed his appreciation on ASU's educational ideas and encouraged ASU to deepen its all-round exchanges and cooperation with China.


Ambassador Cui called on the Chinese students in Arizona State University, attended the welcome reception and delivered a speech. He encouraged Chinese students to learn more knowledge, be concerned about China's development, work hard on self improvement and play a good role in promoting friendship between two countries.


Ambassador Cui attended the welcome dinner hosted by the local overseas Chinese in Arizona. Besides giving high praise of their love and enthusiasm for motherland and public affairs, Ambassador Cui also encouraged overseas Chinese communities better integration into the local economic and social development, active promotion on peaceful reunification of China, and acting more efficiently as the bridge of friendship between China and U.S.


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