Ambassador Cui Meets with an Old Friend Toshihiro Nikai



On July 18th, Ambassador Cui Tiankai met with secretary-general of the LDP of Japan Toshihiro Nikai in Washington D.C. Ambassador Cui recalled the found memories of working together with Mr. Nikai during his tenure as Chinese Ambassador to Japan and expressed appreciation for Mr. Nikai's efforts to promote China-Japan friendship in the past years. Ambassador Cui said, the steady development of China-Japan relations conforms to the common interest of both sides as well as the international community. Currently, the two sides should first make efforts to restore the mutual trust that has been undermined in the past years. Mr. Nikai recognized the importance of a Japan-China relationship of friendship and peace, and expressed his willingness to continue promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in different areas and seek for improvement and further development of the bilateral relationship.


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