Remarks by Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the Symposium on Xi Jinping: The Governance of China


On May 28th, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai gave remarks at the Symposium on Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, the Guest of Honor event of the 2015 BookExpo America's Global Market Forum, at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. More than 200 guests attended the event.


Ambassador Cui pointed out that when the world is increasingly focusing on the historic and profound changes taking place in China, President Xi's book offers a rare and authentic perspective for the international community to better understand today's China, The book provides clear, to-the-point and convincing answers on how the top leadership charts the course of China's development and reform. The book will help American readers to better understand China and help us to dispel some blind suspicions and fears about China and its policies. There is no better guide for that than this book.

Ambassador Cui highlighted that President Xi Jinping and other members of the Chinese leadership has their roots in the people. They rose step by step from the grassroots. They spent decades living and working in villages, counties, cities and provinces before taking up the responsibilities of the national leadership. They have experienced the setbacks and successes of the People's Republic of China since its founding. They share the aspirations and concerns of the people. They have a strong sense of mission and urgency for the nation's future. The book crystallizes their vision, which is now called the Chinese Dream. And the title of the very first article in the book can be seen as the best and most concise summary of the whole volume: the people's wish for a good life is our goal.

Ambassador Cui said that President Xi has pointed out: to realize the Chinese Dream, China must pursue peaceful development. The realization of the Chinese Dream will bring to the world peace, not turmoil, opportunities, not threats. This is the world outlook of the Chinese leader, an outlook that focuses on community building and aims at win-win outcome, an outlook that conforms with the mega-trends of the 21st century. Of all the external ties that China has, our relationship with the US is the most important one. As President Xi has pointed out, the Chinese Dream has many in common with all the beautiful dreams of people all over the world. As a result of the in-depth strategic communication between President Xi and President Obama, the two countries are now working together to build a new model of relationship that will expand cooperation and manage differences in a constructive way. This is an unprecedented endeavor, and we have no alternative but to succeed in the interests of our two peoples and the entire world. President Xi's upcoming state visit to the U.S. will give further guidance and new impetus to the new model of relationship.

Also attending the symposium are: Mr Wu Shangzhi, Vice Minister of the State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China; Mdm Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Consul General in New York, Mr Steven Rosato, BEA President and Dr Robert Lawrence Kuhn, China expert. Dr Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State also sent a letter of congratulations to the Symposium.

Ambassador Cui also attended the Guest of Honor Country Presentation of BEA Global Market Forum on May 27th. Ambassador Cui expressed his hope that increased exchanges in publications would contribute to the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and the American people.


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