DCM & Minister Li Kexin Remarks at the Annual Gala Dinner of US-China Policy Foundation


On November 21, DCM and Minister Li Kexin delivered a speech at the 2019 Annual Gala Dinner hosted by the US-China Policy Foundation at the Mayflower hotel in Washington DC. 

Minister Li pointed out that the current China-US relationship is standing at a very critical juncture. We see across-the-board challenges, from trade to technology, from security to people-to-people exchanges. Being tough on China has become a bipartisan consensus in the United States. The fundamental problems of China-US relations lie in that the current US policy on China is embedded with some serious misjudgments. First, it is believed that, China, for a long time, has had a sophisticated strategy to take over US, and defeat US through One Hundred Year Marathon. Second, it is believed that US made mistakes in the past on China. Engagement doesn't work at all. Third, it is believed that the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese people can be dealt with separately. Blaming the Party is a safe play, and people are naturally standing at the opposite to the government.

Minister Li said that China's national strategy is a consistent one. Domestically the development is always the core agenda. We feel proud of what we have achieved over the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, but we are also humbled that we still have many things to do on improving economic structure, environmental protection, social safety net and other areas. At global front, we envision a community of mankind with shared interests. It is a world free from wars and conflicts, with mutual respect and full development. This is our original aspiration and world view. The US side needs to take an objective perspective and understand it seriously.

Minister Li pointed out that it is politically ignorant to separate the Chinese Communist Party from the people. If you look at the contemporary and modern history of China, every step of progress for Chinese people is related with the Party. Top leaders of China rise from the grass-roots level and mass people from every level are consulted about their performance with scorecards. This is a long-term, all-around democracy, and this is the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has closely connected with the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people. When you attack the Chinese Communist Party, you attack the Chinese people. The US side should take a serious and close look on China and the Chinese Communist Party.


Minister Li pointed out that it is troublesome to see real diplomats in this administration are not so much handling the bilateral relationship with China. Rather, law enforcement and intelligence, some self-claimed "China Hands" and fake diplomats with politician's mindset and ambitions are playing a dominant role. In real diplomacy, there are certain lines you don't cross. When there's clear violence in Hong Kong, the top figure at the Capitol Hill claims the demonstration is a beautiful sight to behold, you cross the line. When the top diplomat time and again meets those from Xinjiang claiming they and their families have been persecuted by the Chinese government, and it's proved they are sheer liars, you cross the line. In handling China-US relationship, let the professionalism prevail, let strategic thinking prevail, let the national interests prevail, rather than let it hijacked by politics. The two sides need quality communication, not megaphone diplomacy. The real diplomacy should play a central role in China-US relationship.


More than 200 people from all walks of life including political, business, academic, media, overseas Chinese and representatives of foreign missions in the United States attended the dinner.

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