DCM & Minister Deng Hongbo Met with Vice President Jacques Tapiero of Eli Lilly & Co

On Oct 28, DCM and Minister Deng Hongbo met with Jacques Tapiero, Vice President of Eli Lilly & Co.

Mr. Tapiero introduced the recent development of Eli Lilly & Co in China. He said that Eli Lilly & Co is committed to enhancing the ties and cooperation with China in the field of medical care, public health and social assistance. Meanwhile, the company has also initiated a series of public educational activities to deliver disease prevention information, disseminate health knowledge and improve the quality of people's life. Eli Lilly & Co is optimistic about the prospect of China’s economy and supports the development of China-US relations and bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Eli Lilly & Co hopes that it could achieve further success in the Chinese market.

Minister Deng thanked Eli Lilly & Co for its efforts to improve the health of the Chinese people. He pointed out that the rapid development and the continued implementation of the reform and opening up policy of China provide great opportunity for China-U.S. business relations, especially for US companies such as Eli Lily & Co to expand their operation in China. China will stick to the mutually beneficial opening up strategy and welcomes Eli Lilly & Co and other US companies to build closer relations with China. He also expressed the hope that Eli Lilly & Co could continue to be a strong force for the development of the overall China- US relations as well as the economic and trade ties.

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