DCM & Minister Deng Hongbo Attended the 2010 NCUSCR's Annual Gala Dinner

On November 11, DCM and Minister Deng Hongbo was invited to attend the 2010 National Committee on U.S.-China Relations' annual Gala Dinner in New York.

Ambassador Carla Hills, Chair of NCUSCR and former U.S. Trade Representative, read the congratulatory message from President Obama, in which he recognized NCUSCR's efforts to promote the people-to-people exchanges and the overall relationship between the United States and China. President Obama commended the progress made in US-China relations, and underscored that the two countries are building a positive, constructive, and comprehensive relationship through practical cooperation on a range of shared economic and security interests, with a goal to develop a partnership to address common global challenges. The interactions between the United States and China are vital to ensure world peace, stability and prosperity and will fundamentally shape the world in the 21st Century.

NCUSCR presented awards of honor to Mr. Jim Owens, the outgoing Chairman of Caterpillar Inc. and Mr. Jeff Immelt, Chairman of General Electronics respectively for their contribution to promoting US-China relations as well as bilateral trade and economic ties over the past years. Mr. Owens and Mr. Immelt reviewed the history of the business relations between their respective companies and China and spoke highly of China's accomplishments in its economic and social development. They both stressed that U.S.-China relations and the trade and economic cooperation are mutually beneficial and win-win in nature. They reaffirmed that Caterpillar and GE would continue to contribute to enhanced relations and deeper cooperation between the United States and China.

DCM Deng Hongbo had a candid exchange of views with American friends from all sectors who were present at the Gala Dinner. Minister Deng briefed them on China's economic and social developments as well as China's domestic and foreign policies and elaborated on the views and positions of the Chinese side on its relations with the United States. Minister Deng hoped that NCUSCR and other friendly organizations as well as American friends from all walks of life would continue to play positive roles in advancing China-U.S. relations and the bilateral cooperation in various fields.


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