DCM & Minister Deng Hongbo Attends The Working Lunch Hosted by The Coalition of Services Industry (CSI)

On June 9, DCM & Minister Deng Hongbo attended the working lunch hosted by the Coalition of Services Industry (CSI). Minister Deng outlined the current state of China-US relationship and the new opportunities for the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. He underscored that economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States has great potentials and the two sides should work together to further deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation and foster a healthy and stable economic and trade relationship.

Mr. Robert Vastine, President of CSI, and other representatives from the service sectors in the US expressed their optimism in China’s economy and the development of China-US economic and trade relationship in the future. They will continue to strengthen and expand the economic and trade cooperation with China. Minister Deng also exchanged views with them on the Twelfth Five Year Plan and the development of the service industry in China.

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