Minister Lu Kang Attends New Year Gathering Hosted by NACPU of Washington DC

On March 2, Minister Lu Kang attended an event hosted by the National Association for China's Peaceful Unification (NACPU) of Washington DC in celebration of Chinese lunar New Year. In his remarks, Minister Lu stated that NACPU of Washington DC has been following the home country's development. While working to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States, it has dedicated itself to safeguarding China's core interests, supporting cross-Straits peaceful development and expending common ground while narrowing the differences between overseas Chinese from both sides of the Straits and has made significant achievements. Its commitment and efforts are truly commendable. It is hoped that the association will build on what has been achieved and continue to unit overseas Chinese for the cause of opposing "Taiwan independence" and promote China's peaceful reunification.

Mr. Wu Huiqiu, President of NACPU of Washington DC, briefly reviewed the work of the NACPU in the past year and stated that in the coming year, the association will continue to bring overseas Chinese together and do its utmost for cross-Straits peaceful development, China's peaceful reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Over 30 members of the NACPU of Washington DC attended the lunch and put forward proposals for future work.



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