Minister Lu Kang Meets AJC Global Forum Representatives

Minister Lu Kang, DCM of Chinese Embassy, met with representatives attending the annual Global Forum of American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Washington, DC on May 12. Minister Li Jie also attended the meeting.

Lu said that the friendship between Chinese people and Jewish people went back to ancient times. China welcomed with open arms over eighteen thousand Jewish people who took refuge in Shanghai, when they were not accepted elsewhere in the world during World War II. As a joint venture of Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and AJC, an exhibition called “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai” was successfully held in Chicago, Los Angles and New York Last year. This year, the museum will continue its partnership with AJC and bring the exhibition to Washington DC and Houston. I wish another resounding success to it.

Dr. Dov Zakheim, a senior AJC official and former Undersecretary of Defense, spoke on behalf of the guests and thanked Chinese people for their help offered to Jewish people during WWII, as his father was one of the refugees living in Shanghai. He expressed that AJC will further strengthen its engagement with Chinese Embassy and advance the time-honored Jewish-Chinese friendship.

Minister Lu also took questions from the guests on China-Israel relations, Middle East situation, energy security and environment protection in China.


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