Minister Lu Kang Hosted a Reception on Capitol Hill

In the evening of December 8, Minister Lu Kang hosted a reception in the Mansfield Room of Capitol Hill for the Congress Members and staff who have visited China in 2014.

In his remarks, Minister Lu spoke highly of the great progress of China-US relations during the past 35 years. He mentioned that, the deliverables from the summit between our Presidents a couple of weeks ago in Beijing illustrated the level of coordination and cooperation we could anticipate at both bilateral and global levels. The room of our gathering is named after the late Senator Mansfield. It was his ground-breaking efforts in reaching out to the Government of the People’s Republic of China 45 years ago that paved the way for President Nixon’s historic visit to China. Now our two countries are endeavoring to build the new model of major country relationship. We should draw from Senator Mansfield’s vision and courage. The US Congress are expected to play a leading role in this regard.

Attendees shared their experience in China, and expressed the aspiration and confidence to see more progress in China-US relations.


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