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China opposes US congress' resolution on Taiwan(19/07/04)


    The Chinese Government lodged solemn representations against the US House of Representatives for its July 15 approval of a congressional resolution to reiterate the promise of the Taiwan Relations Act.

    China has been firmly opposed to the unilateral enactment of the Taiwan Relations Act by the United States in 1979, regarding it as openly violating China's sovereignty, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhang Qiyue said on July 18.

    "We expressed strong dissatisfaction and opposition towards the US House of Representatives for its neglect of the principles of the three Sino-US communiques and the basic standards of international relations," said the spokeswoman.

    The Chinese side cherishes peace, said Zhang, adding that the separatist activities of the "Taiwan independence" forces are of the utmost threat to the stabilization of the relations of Taiwan Straits.

    The resolution fabricated the Chinese military threat and advocated selling weapons to Taiwan and raising the US-Taiwan relationship level, she said. It will not only damage the stability of two sides along the Straits, the Sino-US relationship, but will hurt the interests of the US side.

    It must be pointed that the three Sino-US communiques are the political foundation of Sino-US relations as well as the guiding direction for the two sides to deal with Taiwan issues, Zhang said.

    China has noticed the US constantly has promised to abide by one-China policy and oppose "Taiwan independence."

    "We urge the US to honour its words with practice, to oppose the above-mentioned resolution and to eradicate negative influences, maintain the stability of the Straits and the China-US relations with concrete measures," she stressed.



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