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Chinese govt issues African Policy Paper(01/12/06)


  The Chinese government issued the African Policy Paper on Jan.12, presenting to the world the objectives of China's policy toward Africa and the measures to achieve them.

    In the African Policy Paper, the Chinese government put forward its proposals for cooperation with Africa in various fields in the coming years, with a view to promoting the steady growth of China-Africa relations in the long term and bringing the mutually-beneficial cooperation to a new stage.

    The paper, composed of more than 3,000 English words, is divided into six parts, including Africa's position and role, China's relations with Africa, China's African policy, enhancing all-round cooperation between China and Africa, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and its follow-up actions, China's relations with African regional organizations.

    According to the paper, enhancing solidarity and cooperation with African countries has always been an important component of China's independent foreign policy of peace. The general principles and objectives of China's African policy are as follows: Sincerity, friendship and equality; Mutual benefit, reciprocity and common prosperity; Mutual support and close coordination; Learning from each other and seeking common development.

    This is the first time for the Chinese government to issue a paper elaborating its policy toward Africa. Among the 53 countries in Africa, 47 have established diplomatic relations with China.

    Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Lu Guozeng said this year marks the 50th anniversary of the starting of diplomatic relations between China and African nations. "Although profound changes have taken place in international situations and the situation of China and Africa in the past 50 years, the foundation of China-Africa cooperation and the general situation of China-Africa friendship have not changed," Lu said.

    Lu said both China and Africa share a strong desire, under the current new historical condition, to further promote the traditional friendship between the two sides, to increase equal and mutual-beneficial cooperation, and to seek for common development. Under this background, the Chinese government made the decision to issue the African Policy Paper.

    It is an important diplomatic activity of the Chinese government to issue the paper, indicating that the Chinese government and leaders always attach great importance to Africa and the relations with Africa, and that China always puts the development of China-Africa relations high on the agenda of its foreign affairs, Lu said.

    Lu said the issuance of the paper would further cement China-Africa friendship, enhance China-Africa cooperation, and promote the international community to pay more attention to Africa, in a bid to boost the harmonious and balanced development of the world.




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