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Internet Society calls for "healthy" development(04/13/06)


   The Internet Society of China on April 12 called on its 2,600-plus members and businesses to promote the healthy development of Internet businesses.

    "We should run our business in a civilized way. We should not produce, disseminate and spread information that harms state security, social stability and information that violates laws and regulations and social morality," says a written proposal issued by the society and its regional branches.

    It calls for concerted efforts to supervise content, delete "unhealthy" information and oppose acts that undermine "Internet civilization", harm social stability and hamper development of Internet businesses.

    It says the Internet has become an important tool for China's 110 million users in study, work and social activities. More than 50 million computers are linked to the Internet.

    "However, unhealthy information has harmed the physical and mental health of children and minors. Such content poses a threat to social harmony and stability and the healthy and orderly development of the Internet business," says the proposal.

    It calls on all users to participate in activities to boost "Internet civilization" and resist harmful information and vulgar tendencies.




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