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China seeks int'l support in counter-terrorism(12/15/03)

     China's Ministry of Public Security on DEc.15 issued a list of the first batch of four identified "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist organizations and 11 alleged members of the organizations.

    Zhao Yongchen, deputy director of the counter-terrorism bureau of the ministry, called for the support of the international community in fighting the organizations and terrorists.

    The identified "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist organizations are:East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), East Turkistan Liberation Organization (ETLO), World Uygur Youth Congress (WUYC) and East Turkistan Information Center (ETIC).

    The 11 identified "East Turkistan" terrorists are: Hasan Mahsum,Muhanmetemin Hazret, Dolqun Isa, Abudujelili Kalakash, Abudukadir Yapuquan, Abudumijit Muhammatkelim, Abudula Kariaji, Abulimit Turxun, Huadaberdi Haxerbik, Yasen Muhammat, and Atahan Abuduhani.

    Zhao called on the authorities in all countries to disband the four terrorist organizations, to ban their activities, to forbid support, financing and harboring of these organizations and to freeze their assets.

    Zhao said the "Eastern Turkistan" terrorists both within and outside China had conducted terrorist activities in Xinjiang and other parts of China aimed at splitting China, including bombings,murders, arsons, poisonings and assaults.

    The terrorist organizations had seriously harmed the lives, property, security and social stability of Chinese people of all ethnic groups and constituted a grave threat to the security and stability of some countries and regions, said Zhao.

    He said that by fighting the "Eastern Turkistan" terrorist organizations in accordance with the law, the Chinese government had effectively protected the fundamental interests of Chinese people of all ethnic groups and fundamental human rights and freedoms in Xinjiang and other parts of China, including the rightto life, the right to existence, the right to personal safety and the right to development, as well as regional security and stability.

    Zhao said China had strengthened counter-terrorism efforts since the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States by revising counter-terrorism laws, establishing and improving a coordination mechanism for counter-terrorism and beefing up entry and exit checks.

    Zhao said China wished to intensify cooperation with the international community in fighting terrorism, including the "Eastern Turkistan" organizations, in areas of information sharing,extradition and repatriation of suspects and blocking the financing sources of terrorists.


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