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Xinhua kicks off English TV news service (07/01/09)


BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The Xinhua News Agency put on trial its English TV news service on Wednesday amid its intensified efforts to reach a global audience by introducing new forms of media other than texts and photos.

The English TV news stories are gathered by Xinhua reporters across China and in more than 110 countries and regions and will be transmitted to TV stations, Web sites, mobile users and out-door screens, among other users.

Xinhua would interpret global events "objectively" and "impartially" from a Chinese angle and bring novel perspectives to foreign audience, said Xinhua President Li Congjun at the inauguration ceremony held here Wednesday.

Xinhua would strive to bring the English TV news service up to an "international standard" and actively work to make the service meet the requirements of foreign audience, Li said.

Contents, format, narration, and packaging of the English TV programs would be emphasized on unique news angles, in-depth analysis and trendy packaging, he added.

Li meanwhile underscored the importance of Xinhua's cooperation with western influential media and urged innovation and cooperation so as to promote the influence of Xinhua English TV news service abroad.

Xinhua English news service would closely follow the demands of foreign audience. With the high-quality TV pictures and new reporting angles, Xinhua will strive to become an important TV news supplier for the world's users, he said.

Xinhua English TV news service will feature a daily 90-minute news service and the time is expected to increase as it develops. The service will be formally launched on Dec. 31 this year.

The trial operation of the service will focus on major events and breaking news at home and abroad and domestic news and topics in economic, social and cultural sectors that are of intercultural communication significance.

During its trial stage, the news service will be transmitted through satellite to Chinese users, while users in foreign countries will receive the signals through Internet.


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