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ASEAN, China to make excellent bilateral ties: secretary general

By Jiang Yaping, Abu Hanifah

JAKARTA, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Secretary General of the Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) Surin Pitsuwan said here that the relationship between ASEAN countries and China has been quite close and will be even better in the future.

"I think all 10 countries in ASEAN are quite close to China now. They appreciate the role that China has been playing, for preserving trade stability, for being supportive and sensitive to the feeling of the countries in the region. I think China has played its hands quite effectively in the region," Surin said in his exclusive interview with Xinhua in his office here on Wednesday.

He said that ASEAN and China have established various forums and channels to facilitate their ties. He expected that more frequent forums that promote trade, investment and economic cooperation between the two economies should be conducted.

Talks aimed at enhancing human resources through education and training programs and transfer of technology have been conducted by ASEAN officials and their Chinese counterparts.

"This issue is the essential one to be discussed by ASEAN and Chinese representatives in the upcoming Bangkok summit," he said, referring to the annual ASEAN summit scheduled later this month in Thailand.

With education, training and transfer of technology, he said that China's high skilled labors with efficient production system would greatly help industries in ASEAN countries.

"Although some of the products cannot be finished here in the region, many of the products will be exported to China for final assembly. So we are complimentary to each other," Surin said.

Surin said that ASEAN will continue to be helpful in the growth of China and eventually the growth of the two economies would benefit countries in the whole region.



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