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Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei Made Stern Representations to the US Ambassador to China on the US Arms Sales to Taiwan

On 30 January, Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei summoned US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman for an urgent meeting and made stern representations to the US side on its announced decision to sell a total of nearly US$6.4 billion worth of arms to Taiwan, including BLACK HAWK helicopters, PAC-3 anti-missile system and mine hunting ships.

He Yafei stated, what the US side is doing constitutes a serious violation of the principles enshrined in the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués, especially the August 17th Communiqué, and a gross interference in China's internal affairs. It will seriously jeopardize China's national security and undermine China' peaceful reunification. The Chinese side hereby expresses its strong indignation and lodges a stern protest.

He Yafei stressed, in the August 17th Communiqué jointly issued by China and the United States on 17 August 1982, the US side clearly "states that it does not seek to carry out a long-term policy of arms sales to Taiwan" and "that it intends gradually to reduce its sale of arms to Taiwan, leading, over a period of time, to a final resolution." However, instead of reducing and ceasing its arms sales to Taiwan, the US side has kept selling various types of advanced weapons to Taiwan over the years. The wrong moves of the US side have gone against its own serious commitments. In particular, the US side still uses the so-called Taiwan Relations Act as an excuse to announce new arms sales to Taiwan despite the fact that there has been marked improvement and progress for quite some time now in cross-Straits relations. This will send a seriously wrong signal to the Taiwan side and the separatist forces aimed at "Taiwan independence" and will gravely impair peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. The Chinese side cannot but ask whether the US side truly supports the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations. Does the US side intend to cause new instability in the Taiwan Straits?

He said, China-US relations made a good start last year thanks to the joint efforts of both sides. This serves the common interests of China and the United States. Yet, recently the US side has insisted on implementing the wrong decision of the previous administration to sell arms to Taiwan, and adopted trade protectionist measures against China. These moves have already seriously interfered with China-US relations. The aforementioned arms sales to Taiwan announced by the US side will certainly further damage China-US relations, exert a very negative impact on bilateral exchanges and cooperation in many important areas and lead to consequences that neither side wishes to see.

He stated, the Taiwan issue, crucial to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, concerns China's core interests and affects the national feelings of the Chinese people. It has always been the most important and sensitive issue at the core of China-US relations. The Chinese side strongly urges the US side to fully recognize the great harm of arms sales to Taiwan, take China's solemn position seriously, immediately cancel the wrong decision, and stop selling arms to Taiwan. Otherwise, the US side shall be held responsible for the grave consequences arising therefrom.

The Foreign Ministry announced that as the US arms sales to Taiwan had seriously damaged China-US relations, the Chinese side decided to postpone some military exchanges with the United States and the China-US Vice-ministerial Consultation on Strategic Security, Multilateral Arms Control and Non-proliferation that had been originally scheduled to be held soon. China would impose sanctions on US firms involved in the sales. Foreign Ministry officials said cooperation between China and the United States on the relevant important international and regional issues would also be inevitably affected.



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