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US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg Reiterates the One China Policy


In the small hours on March 30, Beijing time, US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg held a media briefing at the Foreign Press Center in Washington D.C.

Steinberg stated the Obama Administration's China policy. He reiterated that the United States seeks a relationship with China marked by a positive and pragmatic cooperation in which the two countries expand their areas of mutual interest while candidly addressing their differences. He said that since the inauguration of the Obama Administration, the two presidents have maintained close communication through meetings and phone calls. President Obama visited China last fall. The two sides created the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogues. China-US relations, which had a good start, have been extremely constructive.

Steinberg stated that the United States adheres to the one China policy and maintains only unofficial relations with Taiwan. This is a long-standing and firm policy pursued by Democratic and Republican administrations alike since President Nixon, President Carter and President Reagan. The centerpiece is the one China policy, which has not changed. The US side does not support independence for Taiwan and opposes unilateral attempts to change the status quo. The US side welcomes the continued improvement and development of cross-Straits relations. The US side hopes that the two sides of the Straits will resolve the issue peacefully through dialogue. The US side reiterated that it considers Tibet to be a part of China and does not support independence for Tibet. The US side supports continued dialogue between the central government of China and the representatives of the Dalai Lama.

On economic and trade issues, Steinberg stressed the need for all countries to do their part to avoid zero-sum solutions that in the end benefit no country and to assure sustainable global economic growth. The US side looks forward to the second round of the S&EDs in Beijing.

Steinberg also touched upon China-US cooperation on security and regional hotspot issues.



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