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Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Receives Interview on the Strategic Dialogue of China-US SED


Q: Foreign Minister Yang, I know that you have attended the opening ceremony, plenary session and especially the strategic dialogue of the second China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue. What is your comment on the dialogue?

A:During the second round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (SED), President Hu Jintao's special representative State Councilor Dai Bingguo and President Obama's special representative State Secretary Hillary Clinton held the strategic dialogue. Both sides exchanged in-depth views sincerely on the issues of overall importance and the strategic and long-term issues concerning the development of China-US relations. The dialogue covers a wide range of important topics at the bilateral, regional and global levels, including each other's major concerns at present. Related authorities of the two countries also held consultations and bilateral meetings on energy security, climate change, UN peacekeeping operations and other issues. Positive achievements have been made.

The two sides made positive comments on the development of China-US relations since last year and believe that China-US relations enjoy greater strategic significance and global influence under the current international political and economic situation. Both China and the US face common tasks and shoulder important responsibilities no matter in terms of promoting the comprehensive recovery and sustainable growth of world economy or in the fields of handling regional hot-spot issues, addressing global challenges and maintaining world peace and security. They agreed to faithfully implement the important consensuses reached by their heads of state, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, properly handle differences and sensitive issues, make joint efforts to build the positive, cooperative and all-round China-US relations in the 21st century and take tangible actions to steadily develop the partnership to cope with common challenges.

During the strategic dialogue, related authorities of both countries signed a number of cooperation documents and achieved altogether 26 specific results, covering energy, environment, science and technology, customs, health and law enforcement, which fully demonstrates the depth and width of China-US exchanges and cooperation and will bring tangible benefits to the two peoples.

It is nature that China and the US have contradictions and differences on some issues because they have different national conditions. The key is to follow the principle and spirit enshrined in the three Joint Communiqu├ęs and the China-US Joint Statement, respect and take care of each other's core interest and major concerns and constantly increase mutual trust. We believe that the two sides will be able to overcome various interruptions and obstacles and push forward the bilateral relations as long as they adhere to the correct direction.


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