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Reverend Gao Feng, President of the China Christian Council, delivered a speech at the Chinese Embassy

On May 18, Reverend Gao Feng, President of the China Christian Council, delivered a speech on the freedom of religious belief in China as a guest speaker of the “Speakers” Program under the “China in My Eye” series of seminars initiated by the Embassy earlier this year.

Citing his personal experience, Rev. Gao explained the history and evolution of Christianity in China and the policy of the Chinese government on respecting and protecting the freedom of religious belief and administering religious activities in accordance with the law. He pointed out that Chinese citizens have full freedom of religious belief according to law. The improving legal system in China will lead to a more favorable environment. He also gave an overview on the exchanges in this area between China and the United States. He said that the China Christian Council stands ready to strengthen exchanges with the religious community in the United States in accordance with the principle of independence and self administration and based on equality, friendship and mutual respect. Rev. Gao also answered questions from the audience, including the total number of Christians in China, the relationship between the China Christian Council and the government, the role of religion in building a harmonious society and the translation and publication of the Bible in Chinese language.

Charge d’affaires Xie Feng chaired the seminar. He first introduced Rev. Gao who comes from a family with four generations of Christians and how he made his way to the leadership position in the Christian community in China. He stressed that in today’s rapidly changing world, it is important for people from all countries to enhance dialogue, increase mutual trust and reduce misgivings on the basis of equality and mutual respect. The seminar brought together the Chinese and Americans, the faithful and atheists, Christians and Catholics. The speech of Rev. Gao provided a platform for exchange of ideas. It has increased the understanding of American people about the freedom of religious belief in China and is conducive to the development of the positive, cooperative and comprehensive China-US relations.

The seminar lasted about 2 hours. More than 120 people from the US government, think tanks, media, universities, religious groups and community organizations as well as members of the Chinese Embassy and Chinese media in the United States attended the seminar. The audience spoke highly of the event and said that Rev. Gao’s speech helped them know more about the freedom of religious belief in China and the exchanges between the religious communities in China and other parts of the world. The seminar was covered by both Chinese and foreign media.



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