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China to offer $15m for Afghan reconstruction (01/04/04)

    Chinese Foreign Ministry SpokesmanKong Quan said in Beijing on april 1 that China will offer 15 million US dollars to Afghanistan this year for its reconstruction, and will also participate in a series of reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

    Kong said at a regular FM press conference that in 2002, the Chinese government pledged a 150-million-dollar aid package for Afghanistan within four to five years, and at present 47 million dollars has been offered to Afghanistan.

    "We will continue to offer 15 million dollars this year," said the spokesman.

    Kong said the Chinese side was gratified to see the Afghan people getting on a peaceful road to rebuilding their homeland, and would do its best to help the Afghan people to live a stable and prosperous life.

    Kong said China also participated in the infrastructure construction of Afghanistan. The project of Kabul Republic Hospital contracted by China has basically finished.

    China will also participate in the project of rebuilding the Kandahar Hospital, said Kong.

    Kong said China will offer material assistance worth 1 million dollars for the upcoming election in Afghanistan, including tents,photocopiers and lighting equipment.

    The spokesman said currently some Chinese enterprises have set up branches in Afghanistan to participate in the country's reconstruction, and China will encourage more domestic companies to open businesses in Afghanistan.

    He said China will also build a school for Afghanistan and helptrain Afghan diplomats. In addition, China will strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan in local police training in the future, he added.


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