A Letter from Two American Children


Dear Ambassador Zhang,

Thank you for hosting us during the Children's Day celebration earlier this month. My sister and I really enjoyed ourselves. It was very special to be able to visit the Embassy building and to enjoy the photos, sculptures, calligraphy and art. We had lots of fun making the crafts and we continue to make the star grigami. Mom says she wants to learn to make the star origami as well.

My younger sister received a beautiful calligraphy about her Chinese name. We wish we can make something as beautiful as that. We are going to frame it up and put it (in) her room. Having the calligraphy reminds us of China and of how much we appreciate Chinese art. Watching the dance and Wu-Shu performances was exciting. We like the costumes and admire the performers' ability.

Lastly, we love the food. The spring roll is my sister's favorite. Mine is the sesame filled balls. We took some photos and brought home a wonderful collection of souvenirs.

Thank you again for everything you do for us, the Children from China.



Elizabeth (9 yrs) and Anna (7 yrs) Kraisinger

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