Ambassador Zhang Yesui Held Reception for Departing Minister Liu Guangyuan and Succeeding Minister Yang Zigang

On August 17, Ambassador Zhang Yesui held a reception in hornor of Minister Liu Guangyuan, who is going to leave his post and Minister Yang Zigang, who has been designated as the successor. Around 200 guests attended the reception.

Ambassador Zhang highly commended Minister Liu's hard work and contribution. He welcomed Minister Yang and hoped the Chinese communities could continue to support him and the Chinese Embassy.

Minister Liu expressed his gratitude to his supervisors, to his colleagues in the Embassy and to his overseas Chinese friends for their support and help.

In his brief remarks, Minister Yang pledged that he will exert all his efforts to better serve the Chinese communities and China-U.S. relations.

The guests made their farewell to Minister Liu and congratulated Minister Yang for his assumption of office.

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