Wang Yang Attends and Addresses China-US Agriculture and Food Seminar

On November 22, 2016 local time, when attending the 27th China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in Washington D.C. of the US, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the China-US Agriculture and Food Seminar and delivered a speech.

Wang Yang pointed out that agriculture is one of the earliest, most productive and potential areas for China-US cooperation. Bilateral agricultural cooperation has obtained fruitful achievements in trade, investment, technical exchanges, talent training and other aspects, which have made important contribution to the development of China-US relations. Since China joined the World Trade Organization 15 years ago, the annual growth of bilateral trade volume in agricultural products has increased by 17 percent, which reached 32.1 billion dollars last year. China is the biggest producer, consumer and importer of agricultural products, while the US is the top country in global agriculture and the biggest exporter of agricultural products. The two countries are natural cooperation partners in agriculture and share enormous cooperation space.

Wang Yang noted that at present, China is advancing the supply-side structural reform in agriculture and accelerating the transformation of agricultural development model in a bid to meet the needs brought by the upgrade of Chinese residents' consumption. Agriculture is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of investment in China. China and the US can strengthen cooperation in agricultural technology and management, "Internet plus agriculture", co-development of third-country markets and other fields. The Chinese side welcomes US agricultural enterprises to invest in China as well as their high-quality and safe agricultural products and food to enter the Chinese market. It is hoped that the US side could create a sound environment for the export of China's poultry, aquatic products and other agricultural products to the US.

Wang Yang pointed out that due to different national conditions and agricultural circumstances, it is inevitable for China and the US to have disputes in agricultural cooperation. Both sides should understand, respect and tolerate each other, so as to deepen cooperation in agricultural technology, boost cooperation in agricultural investment, expand trade of agricultural products, put forward new agricultural cooperation models, enlarge the convergence of interests and jointly make a bigger cake of agricultural cooperation.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Trade Representative Michael Froman of the US said in their speeches that the US is devoted to strengthening the trade of agricultural products, ensuring food safety as well as reinforcing dialogues and cooperation between public sectors and private sectors with China in order to facilitate free trade of agricultural products and global economic prosperity.

The seminar was co-hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and US-China Business Council. Over 200 people, including Chinese and US officials of agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and other departments as well as corporate representatives attended the seminar.

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