The 9th "Love Knows No Border" International Charity Sale Successfully Held

Beijing in October is blessed with clear wind and blue sky. On October 29, 2017, the 9th "Love Knows No Border" International Charity Sale with the theme "Building Healthy Villages in Yunnan" initiated by Mme. Qian Wei, wife of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, was held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium. A dazzling array of exotic products including Sri Lankan black tea, Thai sticky rice with durian, Nepali cashmere shawl, Zimbabwean wood carving, Belgian chocolate and href="javascript:;" Colombian coffee were presented on some 100 booths prepared by 77 foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations in China as well as 20 domestic enterprises and public institutions, adding a vibrant touch of color to the bright autumn day.

Mme. Qian Wei: "Light up Hope with Love"

The Charity Sale started with the drum dance presented by young performers from organizations of Chaoyang Districts and the joyful songs by diplomats of Russian Embassy in China. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee of the Foreign Ministry and Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui, Vice Foreign Minister Wang Chao and his wife, Assistant Foreign Minister Qian Hongshan and his wife, Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong and his wife and over 140 representatives of foreign embassies and representative offices of international organizations in China and their wives attended the opening ceremony.


On behalf of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Mme. Qian Wei sincerely thanked foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations in China and foreign and domestic personages from all social sectors for their longstanding care and support to the cause of poverty alleviation in China. She said that it has been 9 years since the launch of "Love Knows No Border" International Charity Sale, during which we have built bridges and cisterns, improved the conditions in villages, as well as cured children with congenital heart disease in poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan, Gansu, Hebei, Henan and Guizhou. In this way, warmth has been spread by good deeds and hope has been lit up with love. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his report to the 19th CPC National Congress that we should continue to implement targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures, win the battle against poverty and see that poor people and poor areas enter the moderately prosperous society together with the rest of the country. In line with the practical conditions in Jinping County and Malipo County in Yunnan Province, the Charity Sale aims to raise fund from personages from all social sectors to help the two counties build county-level and village-level clinics so that the villagers' wish of "minor illnesses will be treated in village-level clinics while serious illnesses will be treated in county-level clinics" will become reality soon.

UK Ambassador to China Barbara Janet Woodward delivered a speech on behalf of the Diplomatic Corps in China. She expressed that the Charity Sale is dedicated to uniting all forces to help the people in poverty-stricken areas in China, and the Diplomatic Corps and organizations in China are willing to continue to actively participate in and support the causes of China's public welfare and poverty alleviation so as to make contributions to international cause of poverty reduction.


Foreign Diplomats: "Contribute Their Bit for Poverty Alleviation in Yunnan"

After the opening ceremony, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his wife and principal guests visited all the exhibition booths. They tasted craft beer with unique Czech flavor at the Czech booth, which was decorated with glass art works and Christmas candles. They were very glad to know that the Russian dolls and vodka presented by the Russian Embassy, which had the most booths, were sold out in a short time, and wished the Charity Sale a greater success.


In front of the booth well-decorated by the Ukrainian Embassy, staff at the Ukrainian Embassy in colorful ethnic costumes spoke fluent Chinese, which attracted many to stop to take a look and purchase products. Ukrainian Ambassador to China expressed that he was deeply moved by the Charity Sale. Like a small global village, it unites many people to do something meaningful, which helps the poverty-stricken areas and enables them to get access to the international society in the mean time.

At the booth of German Embassy where many visitors gathered, Diplomat Matthias Kaufmann at the German Embassy in China said they intended to display a variety of German images, especially "A Bite of Germany", therefore they prepared pure German beer and handmade jam. They hoped to do their bit for poverty alleviation in Yunnan, China, through their efforts.


Participating Citizens: "It Is Good to be Caring"

A huge crowd has been gathered at 10 a.m. It is estimated that a total of 15,000 people took part in the activity by purchasing tickets online and on the spot. Some even made their special trips from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hebei by high-speed train. Adult visitors passed through booths in high spirits and actively purchased products to extend their love while children ran around joyously to enjoy the sunshine and happiness.

The visitors all said that the Charity Sale enables them to purchase so many foreign products without travelling abroad, communicate with staff at foreign embassies and most importantly, to make contributions to charity cause in poverty-stricken areas. "It's good and very meaningful to be caring."

According to a preliminary estimate, over 4 million RMB was raised in the event, and it will be used to build clinics in Jinping County, Honghe Prefecture and Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture in Yunnan Province.


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