President Michelle Bachelet of Chile Meets with Wang Yi

On January 22, 2018 local time, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Santiago.

Michelle Bachelet asked Wang Yi to convey her warm greetings to President Xi Jinping, and expressed that Chile-China relations have enjoyed smooth development in recent years. The two countries have established the comprehensive strategic partnership, signed a deal on upgrading China-Chile Free Trade Agreement, and achieved new fruits from mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields. Comprehensively deepening cooperation with China has become the consensus of various parties of Chile. The "Belt and Road" initiative has brought new development opportunities to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Chile stands ready to play a positive role in advancing the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" by China and LAC. Michelle Bachelet wished the Second Ministerial Meeting of the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) a complete success.

Conveying President Xi Jinping's greetings to Michelle Bachelet, Wang Yi appreciated Michelle Bachelet for establishing mutual trust and friendship with President Xi Jinping during her tenure as well as for her important exemplary and leading role in promoting mutual understanding and exchanges between the two peoples and pushing China-Chile relations for stable and sustained development. Wang Yi expressed that China expects more fruitful achievements from China-Chile comprehensive strategic partnership, appreciates Chile for valuing the China-CELAC Forum and holding its second ministerial meeting, thanks President Michelle Bachelet for attending in person and addressing the opening ceremony and is willing to make joint efforts with Chile to ensure the meeting a success. China welcomes LAC countries to participate in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", and is willing to push for the comprehensive deepening and upgrading of China-LAC cooperation under the "Belt and Road" framework.

On January 21 local time, Wang Yi also met with President-elect Sebastian Pinera of Chile and held talks with Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz of Chile.

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