Wu Bangguo Raises Three Proposals on Developing Ties between China, Central Asian Countries

On September 22, 2011, Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), stressed in his speech delivered to the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan that the world today is undergoing tremendous development, changes and adjustments and it's more strategic and urgent than ever for China and Central Asian countries to build a comprehensive high-level good-neighborly friendship and mutually beneficial cooperative relations.

Wu said the purpose of his current visit to Central Asia is to further consolidate the traditional friendship, deepen pragmatic cooperation and push forward relations between China and Central Asian countries. To this end, Wu put forward the following three proposals on the development of relations between China and Central Asian countries:

First, political mutual trust needed to be strengthened in an effort to raise the level of strategic cooperation, Wu said. He said China and Central Asian countries should enhance political support to each other and give each other stronger support on major issues concerning each other's sovereignty, security, stability and development. They also needed to strengthen strategic coordination in international and regional affairs, and strive to promote a regional and international environment conducive to peace and development. Meanwhile, they also needed to promote people-to-people exchanges especially youth exchanges to continuously consolidate the social basis and public support for the development of state relations, Wu said.

Second, the two sides should forge even closer economic ties based upon the principle of mutual benefits and win-win results, Wu said. He called on both sides to give full play to their complementary advantages, saying they should carry out active cooperation in the area of clean energy while earnestly implementing existing large-scale cooperation projects and deepening cooperation in oil and gas resources. Wu also called on the two sides to further tap their cooperation potential in non-resources fields, advance humanities cooperation, keep closer regional pragmatic cooperation, especially in the border areas and develop new growth points. Both sides needed to make great efforts in promoting regional economic cooperation, and speed up the process of regional economic integration.

Third, Wu said China and Central Asia needed to improve their