Jia Qinglin Meets with Governor of Thailand's Phuket Province Tri Augkaradacha

On April 20 local time, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Jia Qinglin met in Phuket with Governor of Thailand's Phuket Province Tri Augkaradacha.

Jia first of all conveyed greetings and good wishes to the Phuket people who just celebrated the Thai New Year. He said that Phuket was once one of the most important ports of exchanges between the Chinese and Thai people and played an important role of enhancing friendship between the two peoples. Since China and Thailand established diplomatic ties, the Phuket people have warmly received Chinese national leaders and delegations for many times, leaving a pleasant memory to the Chinese side. When Phuket was hit by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004, the Chinese government immediately dispatched medial team there, fully demonstrating the sincere friendship of sharing weal and woe between the Chinese and Thai people.

He noted that China-Thailand relations maintain a sound development momentum. Lately Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra visited China successfully and the two countries established the all-round strategic cooperative partnership, bringing the bilateral relations to a new historical starting point. He believes that Phuket and the southern region of Thailand will further strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation with Chinese provinces and cities as China-Thailand relations continue to develop.

Tri said he feels honored that Jia chose Phuket as the first stop of his visit to Thailand. It will tremendously encourage the Phuket people to further develop relations with China. Thailand and China are close to each other geographically and the two countries are kith and kin. The two peoples always have friendly feelings for each other and support and help each other in time of difficulties. In recent years, the bilateral relations have grown rapidly and mutually beneficial cooperation expanded continuously. Phuket has abundant resources and a developed tourism industry. He welcomes more Chinese businesses to invest and more Chinese tourists to travel in Phuket. Phuket is willing to play an active role to promote the development of Thailand-China relations.

Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the CPPCC National Committee Qian Yunlu and Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Guan Mu were present at the meeting.

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