China stresses co-op with U.S. following Obama's State of Union address


BEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday reaffirmed its willingness to work with the United States for mutual benefit after President Barack Obama delivered his first State of the Union Address.

"We note China is mentioned in the State of the Union address. China would like to work extensively with the United States for mutual benefit," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told the regular briefing.

Ma made the comments hours after Obama's debut State of the Union address, which covered wide-ranging issues including the economy, education, health care, climate change and foreign policy.

"I can hardly give an overall, comprehensive and accurate review of the address as we are still studying it," Ma said.

"As the United States is a country of great influence in the world, we hope its foreign policy will help boost world peace, stability and development," Ma said.

Ma dismissed the claim that China posed a threat to the United States as groundless.

Sound cooperation between China and the United States would serve the fundamental interests of both nations and work for world peace, stability and prosperity, Ma said.

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