Xi Jinping and Biden Attend US-China Business Roundtable

On February 14 local time, visiting Vice President Xi Jinping and US Vice President Biden jointly attended the US-China business roundtable. Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Wan Jifei, President of US Chamber of Commerce Donohue, chairman of US-China Business Council Muhtar Kent and entrepreneurs from China and the US were present at the roundtable.

In his speech, Xi spoke highly of the contributions made by entrepreneurs of both countries to the bilateral economic and trade cooperation and the development of bilateral ties. His visit this time aims at implementing the important consensus reached between the two heads of state and promoting China-US partnership. He met with President Obama and held talks with Vice President Biden in the morning to exchange in-depth opinions on the bilateral relations and major regional and international issues of common concern and reached the expected objective, said Xi.

He noted that entrepreneurs of both countries have worked together and made great contributions to the bilateral economic and trade cooperation and the bilateral ties since the door of contacts between China and the US was re-opened 40 years ago. They have also shared development opportunities in that course, which reflects the idea of "no pain, no gain". Against the major background of rising instability and uncertainty of world economic recovery, it is more necessary and pressing for China and the US and businesses of both countries to strengthen cooperation.

He expressed the following expectations for the entrepreneurs of both countries:

First, be good at identifying and grasp the opportunity. China and the US are in a critical stage of transforming the economic development mode. The economic agendas of both countries are highly complementary, which creates a broad space for cooperation. Entrepreneurs of both countries are expected to seize the opportunity to convert the cooperation potential into more win-win results.

Second, be broad-minded. The vision of entrepreneurs determines their status and performance determines their position. He hopes entrepreneurs not to hesitate to move forward just because of individual interferences from time to time. Entrepreneurs should take a long-term perspective and produce more products and services better meeting the demands of consumers of both countries.

Third, deepen the role of economic and trade cooperation as the "ballast stone" and "propeller" of bilateral relations. He hopes the entrepreneurs and chambers of commerce of both countries continue to pay close attention to, support and participate in China-US economic and trade cooperation, effectively prevent politicizing economic and trade issues, spare no effort to avoid the undue interferences and jointly safeguard China-US economic and trade cooperation and the bilateral relations.

Fourth, do business honestly and faithfully fulfill corporate social responsibility. He hopes entrepreneurs further give back to the society while expanding market and growing business so that the two peoples will benefit more from the bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

He expressed full confidence that the Chinese economy would maintain stable and relatively fast growth, the US economy would achieve strong recovery and growth and the China-US economic and trade cooperation would enjoy a better tomorrow. He sincerely wishes entrepreneurs of both countries hold onto the trends, join hands together to make explorations and write more successful stories of China-US economic and trade cooperation from a new starting point.

Donohue, Kent and entrepreneurs there thanked Xi and Biden for attending the event. They believe their presence shows the great importance leaders of the two countries attach to developing the US-China economic and trade cooperation and has great significance to the future development of bilateral ties. They said that the bilateral economic and trade relations have reached an unprecedented height and exerts increasingly important influence on the world. Faced with the uncertainties in the world economic situation, both sides should step up communications, strengthen partnership, jointly cope with global challenges, face the future together and play a constructive role of boosting the prosperity and development of both countries and the world at large.

In the evening, Xi attended the welcome dinner hosted by Biden in his official residence. US Secretary of State Clinton, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Secretary of Defense Panetta, Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, Secretary of Commerce Bryson, National Security Advisor Donilon and Senior Advisor to the President Jarrett were also present.

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