President Hu Jintao Attends the Welcoming Ceremony Hosted by President Bush

On April 20, 2006, the United States President Bush held a grand ceremony at the South Lawn of the White House, welcoming Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to the US. Speaking at the ceremony, Hu expressed hope that his visit will help strengthen dialogue, expand consensus, increase mutual trust and deepen cooperation with the United States in a bid to pushing forward China-US constructive and cooperative relations in the 21st century comprehensively.

In Washington that day, the sky is cloudless blue with shining sunlight. At about 9:35 a.m. local time, President Hu Jintao and his wife Liu Yongqing arrived at the South Lawn of the White House by car. President Bush and his wife Laura welcomed Hu and Liu at the place where they got off and shook hands with them extending greetings. Accompanied by Bush and Laura, Hu and Liu stepped into the ceremony area. Bush and Hu walked on a red carpet to the reviewing stand. The band played the national anthem of China and the US and the 21-gun salute was fired. Accompanied by Bush, Hu reviewed the guard of honor. He waved greetings to the audience who shook the national flag of China and US and cheered "Hello President Hu".

After the reviewing ceremony, President Bush delivered the welcome speech. He said that Laura and he are pleased to welcome President Hu Jintao and his wife, Madame Liu, to the White House. The United States and China are two nations divided by a vast ocean -- yet connected through a global economy that has created opportunity for both peoples. The United States welcomes the emergence of a China that is peaceful and prosperous, and that supports international institutions. As stakeholders in the international system, the two nations share many strategic interests. President Hu and he will discuss how to advance those interests, and how China and the United States can cooperate responsibly with other nations to address common challenges. The United States will strengthen cooperation with China in such fields as economy and trade, security, prevention and control of bird flu.

During his speech, Hu said that the Chinese and the Americans are great peoples. The Americans are optimistic, full of enterprising drive, down to earth, and innovative. In just over 200 years, they have turned the United States into the most developed country in the world, and made phenomenal achievements in economic development and science and technology. The Chinese are industrious, courageous, honest, and intelligent. They created the splendid ancient Chinese civilization. And today, they are firmly committed to the path of peaceful development and making continuous progress in the modernization drive by carrying out the reform and opening up program.

Hu noted that both China and the United States are countries of significant influence in the world. We share important common strategic interests in a wide range of areas, including economic cooperation and trade, security, public health, energy, and environmental protection, and on major international and regional issues. In particular, mutually beneficial and win-win China-US economic cooperation and trade benefit our two peoples and promote the economic growth in the Asia Pacific region and the world at large. Indeed, they have become an important foundation for China-US relations.

Hu pointed out that enhanced interactions and cooperation between China and the United States serve the interests of our two peoples and are conducive to world peace and development. We should stay firmly rooted in the present while looking ahead to the future, and view and approach China-US relations from a strategic and long-term perspective. We should, on the basis of the principles set forth in the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqués, respect each other as equals and promote closer exchanges and cooperation. This will enable us to make steady progress in advancing constructive and cooperative China-US relations, and bring more benefits to our two peoples and people of the world.

Hu said that we appreciate President Bush and the US government have stated on various occasions commitments to the one-China policy, abiding by the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqués, and opposing "Taiwan independence". Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory. We will continue to make every effort and endeavor with great sincerity to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification of the two sides across the Taiwan Straits. We will work with our Taiwan compatriots to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. However, we will never allow anyone to make Taiwan secede from China by any means.

Hu noted that the 21st century has entrusted people around the world with a lasting historic mission. That is to maintain world peace, promote common development and create a brighter future for mankind. Let us work together with the international community to build a world of enduring peace, common prosperity and harmony.

Following the welcoming ceremony, Bush and Laura accompanied Hu and Liu to the Truman balcony of the White House, waving greetings to about 3,000 audiences.

State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan and other Chinese officials, US Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace and other US officials were present at the welcoming ceremony.


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