Minister Li Kexin attended the Asian Podium of
the Philadelphia World Affairs Council



On March 1, at the invitation of the Philadelphia World Affairs Council, Minister Li Kexin attended its Asian Podium and delivered a keynote speech.

With reference to China's development and diplomatic agenda, Minister Li briefly discussed how China perceive its future development, and its relations with the outside world, particularly with the U.S. He said that China will continue to deepening reform and opening up to the outside world, deeply and broadly participating in globalization and promoting the common prosperity of the international community. He emphasized that since the establishment of diplomatic relations 38 years ago, China and the U.S. have been closely intertwined in terms of interests. At present, the China-US relationship is standing at a new starting point. The two sides should carry out the consensus our two leaders reached during the recent phone call, make efforts to make the cake of cooperation even bigger and bigger while upholding the principle of non-conflict and non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, and promote our bilateral relations to a new height.

Minister Li also exchanged views with the President & CEO of the Council Mr. Craig Schneider and over 100 other attendants on China-US economic and trade relations, China's state-owned enterprise reform, China's military development, the South China Sea issue and the DPRK nuclear issues, etc.



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