Minister Xu Xueyuan Holds Reception to Welcome Friends of Maryland


Minister Xu Xueyuan of the Chinese Embassy held a reception in honor of friends from Maryland on Sept. 7, 2018. About 50 people attended the event, including First Lady of Maryland Yumi Hogan and Secretary of State John Wobensmith.


In her remarks, Minister Xu Xueyuan thanked Maryland State Government, Maryland Sister State Committee and people from different sectors for their great efforts in promoting China-U.S. relationship and people-to-people friendship. She said that, the China-U.S. relationship has always been mutually beneficial. This is a hard fact proven by the past 40 years of bilateral relations. China is pursuing the people-centered development strategy. The goal of China’s development is not to challenge the U.S. On the contrary, greater development of China will bring more opportunities for mutual cooperation. The friendship between China and the U.S. is deeply rooted at the sub-national level and in the people. Maryland is known as “America in miniature”. Likewise, the relations between Maryland and China is also the miniature of the people-to-people exchanges and sub-national relations between the two countries. The “Anhui Week” was a big success in Maryland this May, creating new areas for cooperation. In the context, it is even more necessary for the two sides to strengthen understanding, friendship and cooperation, to ensure that China-U.S. relations will move forward on the right track and deliver greater benefits to our two peoples. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming and Minister Xu wished a joyous festival to the guests, hoping that many more good seasons will come for China-Maryland cooperation in the future.

Yumi Hogan said, Maryland State Government is very supportive of sub-national cooperation with China. The success of “Anhui Week” has shown the important results made through sister state/province relationship. To know more about each other’s history and culture will help the two sides to reach better understanding and consensus. She hoped the friendly relationship between Maryland and China will continue to grow.

John Wobensmith said, Maryland and Anhui has productive cooperation in areas of agriculture, science and technology, education, tourism and other fields. The two sides should follow up on the success of “Anhui Week” and continue to elevate the level of cooperation in a collaborative spirit.

The guests also toured the Embassy and marveled at its beautiful architectural style as well as its precious art collections.


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