Ambassador Cui Tiankai's Interview with CNN
On US Presidential Election and China-US relations


On November 11, 2016, Ambassador Cui Tiankai had an interview with Ms. Christiane Amanpour, chief international correspondent of CNN, on US presidential elections and China-US relations.

Regarding China’s reaction to the US election, Cui said, Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent US President-elect Donald Trump a congratulatory message. We want to see a smooth transition of the US government, and expect to build a fruitful and cooperative relationship with the new administration. We look forward to continue the cooperation with the US government and continue the friendship with American people. So that we can bring even greater benefit to our peoples. In the meantime, we will continue to work with the Obama administration through the transition period.

Regarding Trump’s rhetoric about China during his campaign, such as currency manipulator, trade barrier and trade war, Cui said, the China-US relations are based on and defined by our growing common interest and mutual needs. The two countries are cooperating with each other in so many areas, including economy and trade, investment, energy, counter-terrorism and other global and regional issues. The growing cooperation will determine the future direction of our bilateral relationship. Our economic relationship is a mutually beneficial one. In the last few decades, both countries have benefited a great deal from this growing relationship and increasing cooperation. I’m quite confident that this will continue. We never want trade war or any other war with other countries. Both China and the United States are members of the WTO, so we should all play by the WTO rules.

Regarding China’s attitude toward Trump’s possible policy of pulling back from US Asia Pacific re-balance strategy as well as the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Cui said, we should not treat the international relationship as a zero-sum game, and I don’t see any mutually exclusive relationship among countries. The cooperation between China and the United States has benefited other countries of the world. We hope the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and other countries will also benefit the rest of the world. The Asia-Pacific region has maintained general stability in the past few decades, and it is now the most economic dynamic region in the world. I think it will serve everybody’s interest if we could continue going forward on this track. China is ready and willing to work with all other partners for the continued stability and prosperity in the region. And we certainly see the United States as one of the major partners in this regard.

Cui said, climate change is a global challenge, and all countries have to work together to respond. Both China and the U.S. took a lead in responding to this challenge, especially in reaching the Paris agreement. Whatever other countries might do or might not do, China will continue to make genuine efforts to respond to climate change, and try to aim at green and sustainable development for ourselves.

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