Ambassador Cui Tiankai Attended the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of China-US Diplomatic Relations Held by the Chinese American Community

On June 18, 2019, the Chinese American community in eastern America, led by the American Chinese Commerce Association (ACCA), held the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of China-US Diplomatic Relations on Capitol Hill. Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Minister Xu Xueyuan, Senator Chris Van Hollen, Congresspersons Grace Meng, David Trone and Nydia Velazquez, Assistant Secretary of Transportation Joel Szabat, former Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Labor Samuel Mok attended the event. Almost 200 representatives from the Chinese American community, think tanks, friendship groups and the media were also present.


Ambassador Cui Tiankai said in his remarks that it carries a special significance that the event is being held on Capitol Hill, as the Congress has played a crucial role in the growth of China-US relations. It was a right strategic decision to establish diplomatic relations between China and the US. Some people’s irrational doubts about the relations not only negate what we have jointly achieved in the past 40 years and threaten our ongoing cooperation; they also jeopardize the future of our relations and undermine global stability and prosperity. Ambassador Cui put forward a four-point proposal on the future development of bilateral relations. First, we need to increase mutual understanding and avoid misjudgment. As a staunch champion of multilateralism and better global governance, China is ready to work with other countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind. Second, we need to respect each other and properly handle differences. It is a must to respect a country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the social system and development path chosen by its people. The one-China principle serves as the political foundation of China-US relations. This is a red line that allows no crossing. Third, we need to enhance cooperation. Our Presidents have agreed to promote a China-US relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability, which has charted the future course for us. It is more imperative than ever before that China and the US join hands and work together because cooperation is the only right option for us. Fourth, we need to build up popular support as the foundation of China-US relations. Amity between the people has laid a solid foundation for our relationship and will continue to move it forward and shape its future.


Ambassador Cui’s remarks were positively received by American political leaders and guests present. They commented that the achievements made over the past 40 years of diplomatic relations cannot be denied. With extensive common interests and broad space for cooperation, our two countries need to properly handle differences on the basis of mutual respect, step up dialogue and communication, and explore more cooperation in economy, trade, education, science and technology, culture, health and other fields to deliver greater benefits to the two peoples. The United States was originally a country of immigrants. The Chinese Americans have made tremendous contribution to America’s development and will continue to play an important and unique role in the development of China-US relations.

A photo exhibition marking the 40th Anniversary of China-US diplomatic relations was held at the venue of the celebration.


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