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China will not revise Anti-Secession Law: official(04/13/05)


  A Chinese central government spokesman on April 13 denied allegations that China would revise the newly-adopted Anti-Secession Law, which aims at preventing Taiwan's secession from the country.

    "We will not revise the Anti-Secession Law," Li Weiyi, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, China's cabinet, said at a news conference Wednesday.

    "As a special legislation to oppose and check Taiwan independence, uphold peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, develop cross-straits relations and promote the peaceful reunification of China, the contents of the law are explicit and integral. We are not considering to enact accessory laws or regulations to it. The allegations of certain people in Taiwan are groundless and misleading," Li said.

    Li also said that the central government wishes to make a "special arrangement" for Taiwan medical experts' participation in "the technical activities" organized by World Health Organization (WHO).

    "Before reaching a consensus across the Straits about Taiwan's participation in WHO, we are willing to confer with the WHO's secretariat on the concrete mode of the participation. But we firmly oppose that the Taiwan authorities promote its secession efforts by making use of this issue," he said.




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