Notice on International Donations to Earthquake-Hit Area in Lushan, Sichuan

1. After the earthquake hit Lushan of China's Sichuan Province on April 20, the international community acted quickly to express sympathy and support to the Chinese government and people, and some countries have offered to provide assistance in various forms. The Chinese government and people express sincere appreciation and gratitude for that. The Chinese government is going all out with the rescue work, mobilizing large amount of relief materials and rescue personnel. At present, China has sufficient rescue and medical treatment capability and relief materials. Given the limited transportation capacity and telecommunication services in the quake zone, foreign rescue and medical teams or relief materials are not needed at this point. We will make requests if such need arises.

2. We express appreciation to those organizations and people who have offered to make donations. To donate, please refer to the following ways:

(1) Donate directly to the account of Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs:

Account No.: 778350015380

Account Name: Ministry of Civil Affairs

Bank Name: Bank of China Head Office, Banking Department

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ

(2) The Chinese Embassy in US can help collect and transfer donations in the form of cash or check

(3) Directly contact relevant organizations in China


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