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Tanzania Government refuted fabrication by Falungong(01/20/05)


A press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Tanzania last December refuted a report published on the website of Falungong as groundless.

The report claimed that a lawsuit was filed against a Chinese government official during a working visit to Tanzania.

"The story is a mere fabrication aiming at spoiling the good all weather people's friendship between Tanzania and China. The Government records the visit as a milestone of the cooperation between China and Tanzania. With regret the Government sees the cult's reliance of falsehood as a loss of direction by the Falungong, which claims to advocate for truthfulness. The Government will not allow any move by small groups of people, like the Falun Gong cult to spoil or even embarrass the long standing friendship and brotherhood that exist between the upright people of China and Tanzania." said the press release.




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