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The "Falun Gong" cult's self exposure(05/30/07)


Li Hongzhi, the ring leader of the "Falun Gong" cult, preached for "complete disintegration of all the meddling deities in the three realms that have a hand in interfering with Fa-rectification" on February 28, 2007.  He openly slandered and attacked all the religions throughout the world and called for their "complete disintegration". This again exposed the arrogant cult nature of "Falun Gong" and its intention to belittle and blackwash all the religions.


       Like other cults in the world, "Falun Gong" not only seriously goes against the ethics, law and order of the human society but also gravely threatens people normal religious belief. The following activities and philosophies of "Falun Gong" are best proof.


1.      "Falun Gong" cult steals and distorts religious teaching to pose as a religion for the purpose of deception and cheating. Li Hongzhi, the cult's ringleader, claims that he is the reincarnation of Sakiamuni and even rigged his personal record by changing his birthday from July 7 to April 8 of the Lunar Calendar to match that of the Buddha. He also dresses up the "Falun Gong" cult with stolen Buddhist and Taoist terminologies and put together a set of confusing and deceptive heresies to cheat and attract followers.

2.      "Falun Gong" cult belittles religion to raise its own status. In the process of publicizing and praising itself, the cult viciously belittles, humiliates and profanes religion. Li himself claims that he is a "savior" superior than Sakiamuni and Jesus Christ and that "Falun Gong is the supreme law in the universe" and "a supernatural law for the salvation of all mankind".

3.      "Falun Gong" cult's heresies disrupt the normal order of religion. By mixing up cult with religion, the "Falun Gong" cult has done all it can to deceive the public. A few people with no religious affiliation or the knowledge to distinguish between religion and cult believed the words of the "Falun Gong" cult. They even put the cult's heresies on the par with religion and accept and regard it as a "religion" to believe in. This damages the reputation of religion and severely disrupts the normal order of religious belief.


It is precisely because of these that the religious communities of Chinese were the first ones to expose the cult nature of "Falun Gong" when the cult began its cheating spree in China. Many senior religious figures rebuffed the heresies of "Falun Gong" from the religious perspective, exposed the cult nature of this organization and removed its "religious" disguise. To protect the human rights and freedom of religious belief of the Chinese people, the Chinese Government outlawed the "Falun Gong" cult in accordance with the law. Since then, the domestic and overseas religious communities have further recognized the cult nature of this organization. They have taken the initiative to expose the heresies of "Falun Gong" in various ways, guard against the cult's influence and stop it from disrupting the normal religious belief of the public. In the world of religion, "Falun Gong" cult is totally exposed and rejected. The cult has since had grievances against the religious community and it is therefore not surprising that Li Hongzhi is preaching for "complete disintegration" of all religions.


In his preaching, Li degraded all religions as "meddling deities" and vilified that the religious communities "took part in the persecution of Dafa disciples" and "severely interfered in the Fa-rectification". He even arrogantly claimed, "I asked the so-called 'gods' who control the major religions of man to leave the Three Realms when I first began to impart the Fa, so as to give the people of the world equal opportunities to become Dafa disciples". He instigated his followers to "completely disintegrate the old forces and all of the meddling, vile deities in the Three Realms that are hampering sentient beings' salvation and learning of the facts", saying, "No matter what outward appearance their existence may assume, whether they assume a form or not, what level they may be, or whose appearance they may take on, completely disintegrate and eliminate them all".


This so-called preaching again clearly exposed "Falun Gong" cult's hostility towards all religions. It also points to the fact that as more and more people from the religious communities are on guard against the plot of "Falun Gong" to pose as a religion for the purpose of spreading cult belief, and as the public increasingly see through the heresies of the cult organization, "Falun Gong" cult finds itself in an increasingly difficult plight and its hatred for all the religions has peaked. It is arrogantly "declaring war" on all the religions.


We are confident that as long as the vast religious communities recognize the cult nature of "Falun Gong" and continue to stand up against its attempts to disrupt religious belief, the fate of "disintegration" will fall on none other than "Falun Gong" cult itself.



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