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Falun Gong Devastates Believers’ Lives: Spanish Media (12/11/01)

China’s Falun Gong is “one of the world’s most dangerous doomsday cults,” said an article with the title: “Falun Gong, Buddhism, Suicide,” which was carried in the Spanish magazine, Interview, in its December issue.

Written by Interview’s journalist Anderes Sanchez, who recently visited China, the article cited living examples of how believers became enthralled by the Falun Gong and often committed suicide as directed by the doomsday cult.

The article said the cult is notorious for its habit of seeking death. Li Hongzhi, the leader of the Falun Gong, always encourages his believers to “leave the dustbin-like world” by killing themselves by hanging, jumping from precipices, lying on the rails,
cutting their arteries or taking poison.

The article claims the view that behind the suicide and murder cases hides the disciple’s blind believe in Li Hongzhi, the ringleader of the cult “Falun Gong”.

The article relates how Li Hongzhi made his career as the founder of the cult, and points out that “Li Hongzhi is not a prophet, nor disciplinarian, to say nothing of being a Buddhist monk.” Behind the promise of Li to his followers lies his evil intention to amass wealth. Some followers cut their bellies with sharp tools to search for the so
called “Fa Lun” which leads only to unfortunate deaths.

The Falun Gong cult is a “deceitful” organization preaching Doomsday, and more and more relatives of Falun Gong followers are charging it with wrecking its believers, the article said, adding that the fanaticism of the cult has dropped sharply in China since China declared it an illegal organization and issued arrest warrant for Li Hongzhi.


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