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Chinese Embassy Statement on “Falun Gong”’s So-called Civil Lawsuit against Chinese Government Ministries (04/04/02)

Commenting on a report that a group of “ Falun Gong” followers decided to step forward to file a civil lawsuit against two Chinese government ministries, The Chinese Embassy in the United States stated on April 3 that it’s a political farce premeditated by “ Falun Gong " cult, an old trick of a thief crying “ stop thief ”. Their aim is to confuse truth and falsehood and to disrupt China-U.S. relations.

The statement stressed that facts have shown more and more clearly that the cult nature of Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong ” organization which had ruined lives, destroyed families and harmed society. The banning of  “ Falun Gong ” organization by the Chinese Government is not only in accordance with the law but also the will and demand of the general public. The Chinese Government and society has been patiently helping, educating and rescuing those people who were deceived by “ Falun Gong”. The allegation that the Chinese Government departments “persecute” “ Falun Gong” supporters or practitioners is totally groundless.

The Embassy emphasized that according to established principals of international law and general state practice, including << The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations>> and << The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations>>, the U.S. court should not register any accusation against the Chinese Government, the Chinese diplomatic and consular representatives in the U.S. The Chinese side urges the U.S. government to take effective measures to stop “ Falun Gong ” from engaging in anti-China activities.

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