US remarks on China's law "irresponsible": FM(03/10/05)


  China has slammed as "irresponsible" US criticism of its new anti-secession legislation, and urged Washington not to "embolden" Taiwanese separatists.


China has slammed as "irresponsible" US criticism of its new anti-secession legislation, and urged Washington not to "embolden" Taiwanese separatists.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan. [file]
"We oppose their statements. We believe they should not make such irresponsible remarks about China's legislative action," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said at the ministry's press briefing on  March 10.

    "We request the US side abide by the standards of international relations, understand and support China's legislative actions and not do anything to embolden Taiwan independence forces or harm Sino-US relations," Kong told a regular briefing.

    The United States Tuesday said the anti-secession law was "unhelpful" and urged Beijing to reconsider the measure.

    Under the proposed law, "non-peaceful means" will be used only as a "last resort" when all efforts to seek a peaceful reunification prove to be futile.

   US Secretary of State to visit China

     United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit to China March 20 and 21 as guest of Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Kong said.

    During her first China tour since becoming the top US diplomat in January, Rice will exchange views with Chinese leaders and Li on bilateral ties and issues of common concern, according to Kong.

    She will discuss with Chinese officials about the six-party talks over the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, Kong noted.

    He said the six-party talks has met difficulties and that he hoped "all concerned parties" would work to restart the talks.

    Kong said he hoped China and the United States would increase mutual understanding, expand consensus and reduce disputes, in a bid to push forward the China-US strategic partnership.

     Chinese envoy's trip to US 

    Kong also briefed the press on Chinese Ambassador to Korean Peninsula Affairs Ning Fukui's ongoing US trip. Ning left here Tuesday for the United States to consult with US officials about the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

    Kong said Ning will meet with Michael Green, US National Security Council's senior director for Asia, Joseph R. DeTrani, a US State Department special envoy for Korean affairs, and Christopher Hill, US top nuclear negotiator to exchange views on how to resume six-party talks at an early date.

    China concerned about South China Sea research

    When asked to comment on the research by the Philippines and Vietnam in South China Sea,  Kong Quan said he hoped the countries will carry out the research "in accordance with the principles of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea." 

    The research is scheduled for April 6 to 9. 

Foreign Minister Li to visit Europe

    The spokesman also announced that Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing will pay an official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxemburg, Italy, Albania, and the European Union Headquarters.

    Li is also to co-preside with the Italian Foreign Minister the first Joint Meeting of the China-Italy Governmental Committee.


    During his visit to Brussels, Li will also meet with the Belgian leaders, he said.

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