China firmly opposes US arms sale to Taiwan(09/28/05)


  Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular press conference on September 27 that China firmly opposes the United States selling weapons to Taiwan.

    China has raised solemn representations to the United States many times about the issues concerning the arms sales, Qin said.

    "It would undermine the national security and reunification of China and harm Sino-US relations", Qin said when asked about the impact on China-US relations if a 10 billion US dollar arms package from the United States to Taiwan takes place.

    Qin pointed out that the United States would severely violate the three Sino-US joint communiques, in particular the joint communique signed between the two countries on Aug. 17, 1982, if the United States offers arms package to Taiwan.

    Qin emphasized that the American sales of weapons to Taiwan is a wanton interference on China's domestic affairs and an encouragement for separatists who wish to make Taiwan independent.     

    "China will never tolerate the United States to sell weapons to Taiwan", he said.

    China urged the United States to be fully aware of the negative impact if it sells weapons to Taiwan and try to safeguard the overall bilateral relations, Qin said.

    Qin reiterated that the United States should adhere to one-China policy, honor its commitments made in the three Sino-US joint communiques and oppose Taiwan independence.

    The United States should neither give wrong signals to the separatists by selling arms to Taiwan nor block China's reunification, Qin said.



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