Wang Yi Meets with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan

  On Sept. 24, 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan at the UN headquarters, New York.

  Wang Yi first expressed condolences over the casualties caused by the recent earthquake in Pakistan as well as over the Peshawar church attack incident. Wang Yi said that not long ago, the Prime Ministers of China and Pakistan successfully visited each other within less than two months. It has set a new record in the history of China-Pakistan relations, consolidated the traditional friendship between the two countries and injected fresh vitality.

  The new Chinese leadership attaches great importance to relationship with Pakistan and has always taken it as a priority in China's foreign relations with neighbouring countries. China is ready to work with Pakistan to effectively implement the important consensus reached between the two countries, to turn the political relations of special friendship between China and Pakistan into the outcomes of practical cooperation in all fields, especially to ensure the successful construction of the China-Pakistan economic corridor. China will as always support and help Pakistan to strengthen counter-terrorism capacity building and appreciates Pakistan's efforts to combat the "East Turkistan Islamic Movement".

  Sharif expressed that he is grateful for Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressing condolences over the earthquake in Pakistan as well as over the terrorist attack on the church. The Pakistani side is very much satisfied with the fruitful outcomes yielded during the exchange of visits between the Prime Ministers of the two countries. Pakistan is ready to work with China to step up the implementation of these outcomes, especially to accelerate the construction of the Pakistan-China economic corridor so as to bring more tangible benefits to the two countries. Although having paid great sacrifices, the Pakistani side is determined to fight to the last against terrorism so as to contribute to safeguarding security of the region.


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