Wang Yi: International Development Process Must be Moved Forward Instead of Backward

  On 25 September 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the opening ceremony of the Special Meeting of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the UN headquarters in New York and delivered a speech. Heads of state, heads of government and foreign ministers from more than 130 countries as well as representatives of international organizations attended the meeting and made speeches.

  Wang Yi said that MDGs represents the trend of peace, development and cooperation in the 21st century. It a great cause of mankind which must be moved forward instead of backward. We now stand at a crucial stage of global development where we review the past experience and formulate the road map for the future. To uphold peace is the precondition for the MDGs and we must cherish peace as we do our eyes. The development agenda must take development as its main objective, follow a people-oriented approach, and prioritize poverty reduction. Countries should work together to uphold an open, inclusive and growing world economy so as to create a sound external economic environment for developing countries. we should respect the reality of diversity in the world so that countries can achieve their own development goals through mutual learning and mutual accommodation. Efforts should be made to improve the international framework on development with the UN at the center and supported by other multilateral institutions.

  Wang Yi said that China has actively implemented the MDGs. It is the first developing country to meet the poverty reduction goal ahead of schedule and has made important contribution to South-South cooperation. China, though not rich itself, is happy to help others. We have no intention to export our system or model, but we will be happy if other developing countries would have one more option to be taken as reference. We will manage our own affairs well and, meanwhile, will do what we can to help our friends. This is the positive energy China contributes to the cause of human development.

  The Outcome Document of the Special Event of the MDGs was issued after the meeting.


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