Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye of Senegal

  On 24 September 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye of Senegal at the UN headquarters, New York.

  Wang Yi said that since China and Senegal reestablished diplomatic relationship 7 years ago, bilateral relations have enjoyed all-dimensional and rapid development with unceasingly consolidated political mutual trust. The Chinese government under the new leadership will continue to highly value relations with Senegal and is ready to work with the Senegalese side to focus on the effective implementation of the already-agreed intergovernmental cooperation projects so as to benefit both peoples and to achieve common development.

  Ndiaye expressed that the Senegalese government and the people hold profound feelings towards China and look forward to strengthening all-dimensional cooperation with China. For Senegal, there is always only one and inseparable China. At present, Africa has formulated the New Partnership for Africa's Development Plan (NEPAD). Senegal and China should, taking this opportunity, carry out cooperation in all fields. The Third Round of Political Consultations between Chinese and African Foreign Ministers on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly held yesterday is a great success and is of great significance to promoting Africa-China cooperation.

  Wang Yi said that for both China and Africa, development is a top priority. Only when development is achieved can all other problems be resolved. China attaches importance to NEPAD and is ready to jointly explore promoting relevant cooperation. Wang Yi expressed appreciation for Senegal's position of adhering to the one-China policy.


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