Wen Jiabao Attends and Addresses UN Security Council Summit

On September 23, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the UN Security Council summit in New York and delivered a speech entitled Realize Common Security, Build Lasting Peace.

Although the international security situation was stable in general, he said, increasing instability and uncertain factors remained in the world. Wen said the UN Security Council, as a core collective security mechanism, should further enhance its authority and shoulder greater responsibility, step up efforts and play a greater role in keeping international peace and security.

Wen put forward a four-point proposal in this regard. First, the banner of peace should be raised high in seeking peaceful solutions to disputes. Second, more work was needed to raise the Security Council's capacity to solve problems. Third, coordination to eradicate the source of conflicts and disputes should be strengthened. Fourth, the Council should focus on solving hotspot issues in Africa.

Wen said China was a peace-loving nation and a responsible member of the international community. The Chinese premier pledged that China would firmly take the road of peaceful development. The international community should adhere to the purposes and principles of the UN Chapter, boost confidence, strengthen cooperation and work towards the goal of common security and lasting peace, Wen said.

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